#RebuildTogether. Telling the entrepreneurs’ story. Sifiso Shezi Phephela Elangeni

Sifiso Shezi, Director: Phephela Elangeni, est. 2012

“The bread and butter of Phephela Elangeni is transport and logistics. We move and distribute general merchandise and goods for our clients.

The recent unrest meant we could not be on the road to do deliveries, and trucks that were already on the road had to return to the loading docks with the goods still inside. While we escaped the brunt of the violence because of our geographical location, the fact that our operations ground to a halt has meant a loss in income.

We are still unable to operate due to possible air pollution coming from the chemical plant that was burned close to our warehouse. With my team and drivers also unable to work, I worry about losing valuable skilled personnel should they opt to look for employment elsewhere due to financial constraints.

When things return to normal, there will be more goods to move and more routes to cover. So now our most compelling and immediate need is increasing fleet capacity, as well as a better plan for fuel and tollgate management. I have put in an application for financial aid, but the wheels turn slowly. Any relief from a willing backer will be greatly appreciated. My books are in order, the company is in good standing, and I am open for discussion.”

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