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Entrepreneurship To The Point (ETTP) exists to create economic inclusion through entrepreneurship. The creation of a robust SMME ecosystem through business networking, access to information and business resources, learning opportunities and inspiration is how we will come closer to achieving equal economic opportunities for all in South Africa and beyond.

ETTP was formed seven years ago under the umbrella of the award-winning business accelerator programme, Property Point, which was founded in 2008. This key relationship allows ETTP to leverage the data, knowledge and insights gained from Property Point’s engagements with entrepreneurs over the last decade to provide relevant content.

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Back to Basics Series: Reflection on one year of lockdown

As we come upon the first full year under lockdown regulations, we want to reflect on the year that was, and on some of the predictions, advice and insights that were shared last year this time. The objective of this session is to reflect on the year of lockdown and its impact on the entrepreneur, as well as to look at what extent did things roll out the way that we anticipated, and what unexpected eventualities took place that we have learned from and will take forward into our new normal. Knowledge points: Macroeconomic, Industrial relations, Contracts, Savings and Investments, Cashflow, Leadership, Brand positioning. Content: 1. Psychological: How can you stay sane and avoid anxiety and depression 2. Leadership advice: How to ensure your team remains productive, and healthy at the same time 3. Macro-economic: How will your small business be affected by these Gross market fluctuations 4. Cash-flow: What should you do to keep your doors open? 5. Savings and investment: Where should you prioritise your cash, Should you neglect their investment? Should you use savings to offset debt? 6. Industrial relations: What can you enforce? And what is your staff entitled to? 7. Legal and contractual: What are the typical clauses that are in contracts that you should be aware of 8. Practical advice: Some advice from SME’s on the ground. 9. Strategic communications: How can you maintain communication with your most important stakeholders and look after crucial relationships recap links: Part 1: Watch here Part 2: Watch here

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Back to Basics Series: Dance with your funder again

This session is aimed at equipping you to restore and maintain the relationship between you and your funder again. Gain insights on relief funders, opportunity holders, and access funders. Hosted by experts, this is an opportunity for you to engage in a live Q&A session with our expert panellists and meet some potential funders.  

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Back to Basics Series: Taking off the mask

In this Back to Basics series: Taking off the mask, we will focus on branding and reputation management. Experts will provide insights, highlight focal points for entrepreneurs, and recommend tools and best practices to equip you to develop and manage your brand and business reputation. Participants will be able to engage with the panel as part of the Q&A session.

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Back to Basics series: Pick up the pace

In this Back to Basics Series: Pick up the Pace, we will be focusing on the importance of leadership, teamwork, and encouraging team morale and performance. Experts will provide insights and recommendations on Leading in the new normal; how to get your team on board, energized, and ready to go; and establishing a new team dynamic that catalyses teamwork, team morale, and employee performance. A successful business requires strong leadership and a motivated team. Leading your team through unprecedented times requires adaptability and many changes in the way teamwork is approached.  

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Back to Basics series: Mental Gymnastics

This Back to Basics series: Mental Wellness focuses on the much-overlooked topic of mental wellness for entrepreneurs. The key focal points include: Mental Wellness I had to close my business, what now? I had to let go of staff, what now? I need to get back on my feet, how do I get over these tough times?   Experts will engage with participants on these various touchpoints, provide recommendations, and provide advice on how Entrepreneurs can address these challenges. The session includes a live Q&A session, as well as, insights on tools and methods to adapt.

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Back to Basics series: Show and Tell

This Back to Basics series: Show and Tell event is a virtual market day. Businesses, participants, and stakeholders will have the opportunity to attend keynote addresses, engage in networking sessions, and attend various workshops and equip sessions. A virtual market day will provide participants with the opportunity to engage on a broader platform that facilitates an array of opportunities from the safety of their homes. Networking, workshops, and engaging keynote addresses provide benefits for knowledge growth and business growth.

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The #Inform sessions provide entrepreneurs with crucial information that they can use within their businesses. This information is usually aligned with current affairs, opportunities and threats that SMMEs should be aware of, which would have an immediate impact on their businesses. Our strength is in ensuring we timeously get hold of subject-matter experts and decision-makers to provide the highest quality of information. For E.g. The webinars we hosted which unpack the various COVID-19 relief funding packages available for small businesses.


The #Equip sessions go into further detail and provide masterclasses, and ‘How to’ guidelines on various topics, from strategy and performance management to health and safety. These are topics that will usually have a medium to long -term impact on a business and are likely to affect its overall strategy if implemented. Equipping takes information one step further and seeks to enable action. At the end of each session, tangible information is provided through resources, practical tools and exercises for entrepreneurs to implement within their businesses.


The #Inspire sessions are aimed at creating an opportunity for entrepreneurs to hear stories of challenges, success and innovation from fellow entrepreneurs, and also from successful entrepreneurs whose levels of self and business-elevation they aspire to reach. Entrepreneurship can be a lonely journey, and sessions such as our #InConversation series of webinars is a powerful tool to create a sense of community, support and inspiration.

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