Agility puts entrepreneurs at an advantage in the face of exponential change

Disruption. It’s the catchall buzzword used to describe the unrelenting wave of technology-driven change and transformation we are experiencing in every sector of business and every area of life, and it is showing no sign of slowing.

But how do small businesses take advantage of all this change to get and stay ahead?

Entrepreneurship To The Point, the exciting entrepreneurship network hosted monthly by Property Point, the Growthpoint Properties initiative, recently explored opportunities for entrepreneurs in an age of artificial intelligence (AI) and other technologies tipped to alter the way we live and do business – not only in the distant future but right now.

Guest speaker Willem van der Post, CEO of global exponential enterprise investment firm xTechCapital Partners, explored the fundamental impact of exponential technology in the business canvas of the future, to inspire the Entrepreneurship To The Point audience with ways to adapt and remain relevant and purposeful.

Thinking about change in an exponential way is one of the biggest challenges for business people who lead big and small concerns alike today. This is especially difficult as humans understand change in an incremental, or linear, way. However, exponential change will always overtake linear change.

The good news for aspiring young entrepreneurs is that together with the capacity for exponential change also comes the potential to achieve exponential growth, and its benefits. Willem told the ambitious young business people at the event, “You want to be able to advocate and articulate how agile and nimble you are and express it through market structures and products and services to be able to harness funding and get more clients. It’s all about exponential growth.”

So, what are people looking for from businesses in this time of exponential change?

“The world is sick and tired of politicians and the ‘fakeness’ that exists, and more and more people crave a return to authenticity and pureness. Companies that are able to do this will win; those that don’t will be left behind,” said van der Post. He added that the companies that are doing well today are those with a massively transformative purpose. “The power behind knowing your purpose is huge.”

The next Entrepreneurship to the Point gathering is entitled “Township Entrepreneurship’’ and will take place on Thursday 25th April 2019 at the Equinox, 15 Alice Ln, Sandhurst, Sandton, Find more information at

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