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R75,000 worth of pledges so far

This platform is to enable you as corporate South Africa to take your place in the rebuilding of our communities in a sustainable and effective manner, this is a safe environment for you to make your contributions of support. Vetting, allocation, monitoring, and evaluation will be taken care of through tried and tested entrepreneurship development infrastructure, and you can get involved in a variety of ways according to your capacity and goals

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Entrepreneurship To The Point (ETTP) exists to create economic inclusion through entrepreneurship. The creation of a robust SMME ecosystem through business networking, access to information and business resources, learning opportunities and inspiration is how we will come closer to achieving equal economic opportunities for all in South Africa and beyond.

ETTP was formed seven years ago under the umbrella of the award-winning business accelerator programme, Property Point, which was founded in 2008. This key relationship allows ETTP to leverage the data, knowledge and insights gained from Property Point’s engagements with entrepreneurs over the last decade to provide relevant content.

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Upcoming Events

Funder one-on-one: Women owned business access to funding guide

Are you running a women-owned business and struggling to access funding and investment? We are hosting live sessions with key funding decision-makers from the 2nd to the 5th of November to allow you an opportunity to ask all the questions you need to. After the previous webinar where we unpacked access to funding looking specifically at the needs of women-owned businesses, many of you have been asking for an opportunity to have more time with the funders, this is your opportunity! Our confirmed speakers: Kumaran Padayachi: CEO of Spartan Finance 4th of November, 10:00 till 10:45 Don Mashele: Head of Development Impact Support, Small Enterprise Finance Agency, 3rd of November, 10:00 till 10:45 Wonder Mutanha: Head of Projects Emerge Group, Date TBC Naomi Mtshali: Regional Manager Gauteng, Industrial Development Corporation, 2nd November, 10:00 till 10:45

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Women Owned Business Access to Finance Guide Pre-Launch

We are launching a user-friendly guide dedicated to providing women-owned businesses with all they need to know to be successful when engaging with funders and investors. In order to effectively overcome systematic and socioeconomic issues that make it challenging for women to access funding and investment, dialogue and understanding between women-owned businesses and funders is imperative. The pre-launch of the Women-Owned Business Access to Finance Guide will serve as an opportunity for this dialogue to take place and for us to co-create a guide that will meet the true needs of women-owned businesses looking for funding. At the pre-launch of the Women-Owned Businesses Access to Finance Guide we will host the financial institutions and finance experts who have contributed to the guide and provide an opportunity for you to engage directly with them about various challenges you are currently facing. You should attend... If you have applied for finance and been unsuccessful or partially successful If you have questions about accessing funding If you don’t know what questions to ask but know that you want to access funding to grow If you have been building your business with your own money and feel like it's time for the next level If you are struggling to navigate this area in general and want to empower yourself with knowledge Exclusive opportunity for attendees We will be selecting a handful of businesses to bring on board for one-on-one business development support provided by award-winning enterprise and supplier development organization, Property Point Venture Catalyst. Property Point has been building sustainable businesses for over 13 years, and is fully equipped to help businesses identify gaps that may be leading to funding challenges as well as to ensure you are accessing the correct type of funding for you. Context of this initiative In 2021 Property Point was awarded the African Women Empowerment Fund (AWEF) grant through the Aspen Network of Development Entrepreneurs (ANDE) to implement a 12-month Investment Readiness and Access to Finance Programme. The key objective is to provide pre and post-investment/funding support to women-owned businesses seeking growth and working capital finance in the property and construction sector. Property Point has appointed eTTP to implement this project.

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Unpacking the African Continental Free Trade Agreement for smme’s

Are we as  African entrepreneurs ready to make the most of the Africa Continental Free Trade Area Agreement? How can the entrepreneurship community take it into their own hands to ensure there is a material benefit for entrepreneurs as a result of this agreement?    The overarching objective of the AfCFTA is the elimination or reduction of tariff and non-tariff barriers to trade amongst the countries that agreed to be members of the agreement, therefore creating a more enabling environment for intercontinental trade. For small and growing businesses, this is a game-changer!  Speaker Profiles Bernadette Zeiler is the CEO and Head of International Trade at the Johannesburg Chamber of Commerce and Industry. She joined the JCCI in 2006, looking for an expansion plan for her business. She participated in a programme, “Access for Women” at the JCCI. Through this programme and other programmes at the JCCI, Bernadette travelled to 20 countries in Africa and Cuba, exhibiting at Arab Health in 2016, India and America.  We are privileged to be hosting Bernadette at this session and cannot wait to hear her advice for entrepreneurs trying to grow their international footprint. Our guest from Botswana is Katlego Mokgethi, Founder and Executive Director of Market Players. Market Players Botswana is an entrepreneurship development program committed to reducing the failure rate of citizen-owned businesses in Botswana. Katlego is passionate about the prosperity of Botswana entrepreneurs and has an in-depth understanding of how business is done in her country.   We look forward to engaging her on what symbiotic opportunities there are for African entrepreneurs in Botswana. Lehlé Baldé is a global citizen actively contributing to Agendas 2030 and 2063 with a specialization in communication for development, journalism with a focus on business, entrepreneurship, financial inclusion, impact investing amongst others. She was named top 50 women in media in Africa by the Media Awards and was selected to be 1 of 23 Acumen fellows a group of impact-driven leaders tackling the world’s greatest problems.  Lehlè currently works at West Africa’s leading provider of business intelligence and news, Business Day Media Limited, as the editor of the Weekender. Azola Mzekandaba is a Mandela Washington Fellow of the Young African Leaders Initiative 2019, Mail & Guardian 200 Young South Africans 2019 and also a Programme Manager in the Local Economic Development Division at Property Point. One of his notable achievements was as project manager for an organisation working on the provision of mobile health care services for former mine workers in rural and remote areas in South Africa. The programme was so well-received that in 2016 and 2017 it was scaled up to include other SADC regions, specifically Mozambique, Lesotho, Swaziland and Botswana. He is passionate and well versed about the prosperity of the African  

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The impact of compulsory vaccination on small businesses

To get the jab or not to get the jab, that is the question. Last week one of the biggest health brands, Discovery, announced that vaccination will be compulsory for all of their staff as well as service providers. There has been a lot of talk about the ethics of compulsory vaccination, but what happens when the jab is what is standing between you and your next big contract? Join us this Thursday as we get to the point about the reality of vaccination and its impact on small businesses.

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Protection of Personal Information Act for smme’s

It’s been a few weeks since POPIA came into effect, have you got a grasp on how to implement it? The Protection of Personal Information Act, came into effect on the 1st of July 2021 to increase the safety of our personal information as South Africans, both online and offline. While the intention behind this regulation may be good, the implementation has got many of us scratching our heads and confused by all the information and advice going around. For you as small business owners particularly, POPIA is an addition to the many hats you have to wear on a daily basis already. This session is aimed at providing a little bit more clarity to some of the do’s and don’ts, truths, and myths of POPIA implementation. We will focus particularly on implementation as it relates to IT and Legal obligations. Join us, Thursday the 26th of August – and be ready to take some notes.

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Pre-drinks & Networking session

Join the virtual pre-drinks and networking session. This session will be hosted by our Business Development Experts. Interact with fellow participants and engage with the industry experts for more insights and advice. 

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The #Inform sessions provide entrepreneurs with crucial information that they can use within their businesses. This information is usually aligned with current affairs, opportunities and threats that SMMEs should be aware of, which would have an immediate impact on their businesses. Our strength is in ensuring we timeously get hold of subject-matter experts and decision-makers to provide the highest quality of information. For E.g. The webinars we hosted which unpack the various COVID-19 relief funding packages available for small businesses.


The #Equip sessions go into further detail and provide masterclasses, and ‘How to’ guidelines on various topics, from strategy and performance management to health and safety. These are topics that will usually have a medium to long -term impact on a business and are likely to affect its overall strategy if implemented. Equipping takes information one step further and seeks to enable action. At the end of each session, tangible information is provided through resources, practical tools and exercises for entrepreneurs to implement within their businesses.


The #Inspire sessions are aimed at creating an opportunity for entrepreneurs to hear stories of challenges, success and innovation from fellow entrepreneurs, and also from successful entrepreneurs whose levels of self and business-elevation they aspire to reach. Entrepreneurship can be a lonely journey, and sessions such as our #InConversation series of webinars is a powerful tool to create a sense of community, support and inspiration.

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ETTP Rebuild Together

R75 000 worth of pledges so far

This platform is to enable you as corporate South Africa to take your place in the rebuilding of our communities in a sustainable and effective manner, this is a safe environment for you to make your contributions of support. Vetting, allocation, monitoring, and evaluation will be taken care of through tried and tested entrepreneurship development infrastructure, and you can get involved in a variety of ways according to your capacity and goals.

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